Meet the Editors @ BISA 40th Annual Conference 2015

Call for papers for closed session with journal editors for PGRs and ECRs

Date of event: 19th June 2015 (please note the conference runs from the 16th-19th June)

Time: 12:30-14:00 (lunchtime)

Location: BISA Conference, The Guoman Tower Hotel, London

The BISA Postgraduate Network is supporting a closed workshop to ‘meet the editors’ during the BISA conference. The purpose of the closed-session workshop is for postgraduates and early career researchers to receive feedback on draft articles, which will be considered in terms of their ‘fit’ and level of development. Submissions will be allocated to journals in groups of 3 or 4. The finished papers will be circulated to editors, before being discussed at the event in the groups, so that the editor(s) can critique and engage with the papers.

Participating journals:

  • Review of International Studies
  • Defence Studies
  • European Security
  • Politics
  • International Relations

Advanced postgraduate students and early career researchers are invited to submit paper proposals for this closed session workshop by Thursday 2nd April 2015. This would involve submitting a complete draft paper by Friday 29th May 2015 (attendance is limited to those who have submitted papers).

This is an invaluable opportunity to get details feedback on your work direct from journal editors. Papers submitted to the workshops can be on any topic relating to international studies.

Spaces are limited and applications should be submitted by Thursday 2nd April 2015 to These should include a title, abstract, what stage of your PhD you are at or ECR status and (if applicable) contact details of your supervisor.

Key dates  

Deadline for applications: Thursday 2nd April 2015 (notifications of acceptance will be sent the following week).

Deadline for full papers: Friday 29th May 2015

Registration deadline: This event is organised by the BISA Postgraduate Network (BISAPGN), however, (if accepted) you must be registered to attend the conference to participate in the Meet the Editors event. Deadline: 10th April 2015.

“Excellent initiative from BISA Postgraduate Network to organise a Meet the Editors! It’s good to know how it all works”. – ‘Meet the Editors’ participant 2014