Funding Competition

BISA-PGN Funding Competition

Would you like to bring together postgraduate scholars in your field from around the UK? Do you want to gain practical experience of organizing an academic conference or workshop, managing your own budget, and designing a programme of activities around the topics you’re passionate about? Do you need something to make your academic CV stand out from the crowd in the post-PhD job market? Apply for the BISA PGN Funding Competition 2019. The successful applicant(s) will receive £1,000 in funding to fund their proposed event, and benefit from the practical support and extensive network of BISA, the UK’s learned society dedicated to the study of the international.

What is the funding competition?

Every year, the BISA Postgraduate Network (PGN) offers 1 x £1000 funding awards to support a small event run for postgraduate students. In the past, this has included both academic conferences and professional development workshops. Your proposed event should enhance the study of international studies at a postgraduate level and be primarily aimed at postgraduate students.

Application forms for the 2018/2019 competition must be submitted to the BISA PGN committee via by Sunday the 5th May 2019. Please use the subject heading BISA Funding Competition and include an accompanying letter of support from your Head of Department. Please also refer to the Funding guidelines below to check which costs can be covered through these awards.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application and you will be notified of the outcome by the end of May 2019. Any funds awarded must be spent by the end of the calendar year (31st December 2019). Decisions made are final and unfortunately, due to the volume of applications, it will not be possible to provide individual feedback. BISA retains the right to refuse payment to successful applicants should any of these guidelines be breached.

If you have any queries, please contact Tom Vaughan:

BISA PGN Funding Competition 2019 Application Form

Crieria for successful applications

  • All applicants must be members of BISA and postgraduate students.
  • The event must be relevant to BISA and in the area of international studies.
  • The event must be primarily aimed at postgraduate students.
  • Permission granted by the host institution to hold the event should be provided on application.
  • The event must take place within the same calendar year as the funding is awarded.
  • The standard of the event (speakers, academic premise etc.) should be high and seek to promote intellectual excellence.
  • The BISA Postgraduate Network must be publicised in conjunction with the event, and applicants should demonstrate mechanisms for building a lasting partnership with the Network should they be provided with a grant.
  • All applications must be made on the official application form available on the BISA PGN website, and include a letter of support from the Head of Department.


  • Consideration should be given to providing travel grants for those otherwise unable to attend, in order to widen participation at the event.
  • If there is a registration fee for delegates a discount should be offered for BISA members.
  • The event plan should include a demonstration of how applicants will incorporate diversity (race, gender, sexuality) and sustainability (fair trade products, environmental awareness) into both the final output and event planning stages.


  • The proposal must include a well thought through budget.
  • The funding requested must be for a fixed amount of £1000 (no more, no less).
  • Payment can only be made by the host institution/department. However, when the applicant
  • includes in the proposed budget travel / accommodation bursaries granted to participants of the
  • event, claims against these can be made directly by the participants to the BISA PGN
  • and/or BISA Office, should the host university/department not include these costs in their invoice.
  • (Please note: in order to receive reimbursements against bursaries claimants must be members of
  • BISA and payment can only be made upon receipts of proof of travel/accommodation and a
  • completed BISA PGN expenses form).Multiple claims should be consolidated as BISA will only make one payment per event.
  • The award must be spent on what was originally agreed in the proposal, no changes are allowed without the consent of the BISA PGN.
  • The event must occur otherwise funding shall be returned to BISA.

What we will fund

  • Room hire
  • Lunch and or tea/coffee breaks
  • Hire of audio visual equipment
  • Travel expenses for postgraduate student delegates
  • Travel expenses for speakers

What we will not fund

  • Funding must be used for wider academic benefit not for personal expenses
  • Administrative overheads including but not limited to staff costs
  • Evening meals for speakers and/or delegates
  • First class travel (unless proven cheapest form of travel)

After the event

  • A report will be required following on from the event detailing funding streams, expenditure, outputs and impact. This report will be kept on file to demonstrate funding impact and financial accountability.
  • Successful applicants are required to write a blog piece following their event, including photographs, for publication on the BISA Postgraduate Network website.