Meet the Editors

Meet the Editors at the 2019 BISA Annual Conference

The BISA-PGN is proud to be hosting our ‘Meet the Editor’ event for the 2019 Annual Conference in London, at the Royal Society, 10-11 Carleton House Terrace in London from the 12th-14th June 2019. This event is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight for PhD and Early Career Researchers seeking to make inroads into publishing as part of their research career.

In order to provide a rewarding experience for BISA-PGN members, this event will offer the opportunity to receive tailored feedback from highly experienced and reputable editors on quality draft articles, as well as a chance to gain new perspectives by meeting other researchers.

Featuring contributions from editors of established journals such as Politics, European Security, the Review of International Studies, International Affairs, and The European Journal of International Security, this event is a rare and fantastic opportunity to maximise your potential as researchers and enhance your network.

Please note, we do not accept abstracts as participants are required to submit a quality draft article which will determine whether the application is successful(Please consult the guidelines below or as a pdf).

Paper Submission Deadline: send to BISA-PGN by the 28th of April 2019.
Conference registration dates: 11th of March 2019 (early bird) and 30 May 2019 (regular).
For more information, please contact us

Guidelines for Participants

 Mandatory eligibility criteria:

  • PhD students. Must be BISA Members and registered at the 2019 London Conference.
  • Early Career Researchers (up to 24 months after having completed the PhD). Must be BISA Members and registered at the 2019 London Conference.

Mandatory requirements for submitting a paper:

  • The paper must clearly and explicitly answer these questions:
    – What debate does this paper contribute to?
    – What is the original contribution of this paper?
    – Why is this contribution significant?
  • The author may identify a preferred Journal and if so apply its formatting and word count guidelines. However, identifying a preferred Journal is not mandatory.
  • Papers must be submitted with a letter from the supervisor/peer certifying that the paper has been reviewed and when possible, notify the preferred targeted journal.
  • The quality standard must be close to publication.
  • Successful participants must come prepared in order to discuss in fuller detail the feedback with the editor.

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